I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. I obtained his M. S. degree in 2016 from the Moscow University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Higher Chemical College of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). Before graduation, I worked in Professor Sema L. Ioffe’s group at Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry RAS where I studied the chemistry of nitronates. In the Fall of 2016, I joined Professor David Sarlah’s group at the UIUC as a research assistant working on dearomative methodologies. In the beginning of 2018 I joined the Sarlah group again, now as a graduate student, where I developed a high throughput experimentation platform for reaction discovery. In the beginning of 2021, I continued my graduate studies being co-mentored by Professor Scott Denmark to explore the field of chemoinformatics. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, fishing and traveling.

M.S., Chemistry, Moscow University of Chemical Technology of Russia RAS

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